Tron Legacy Soundtrack And Special Effects

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Tron, film produced by Disney was released in the year 1982. At that time it was considered as a computer miracle. As this was a film that had never seen computer graphics. Everybody considered it to be a wonder at that time because the technology that was available at that time was very minimal to produce such graphics miracle.

Now with latest development in computer graphics and sound effects Tron has great expectations riding on it. Its actually sequel set to release this December.

The major difference between the years is when Tron Legacy was made originally the computers had only 2 MB of memory and a maximum of 330 MB of storage space. But nowadays the home computers can be used to experience all the original sound effects and graphics that is used in the sequel.

The total business the original Tron Legacy did was astonishing at that part of time. In those it is very rare that an English movie is release in Asia. With even those limitations Tron released in 1982 made a gross collection of $33 million.

The Sequel Tron Legacy is definitely going to be a great entertainer that is going to get you involved throughout the film. Since this film has gained a great expectation one should book their tickets in advance. This is because this movie is packed with the special effects that was not used in any movies. Its going to be treat to your eyes.

Apart from the movie and special effects one can also look forward to Tron Legacy Soundtrack. This is going to be a sure hit this year and its going to mesmerize the Tron Fans.

Therefore, its no doubt that the sequel of Tron Legacy is going to be a sure hit as expectations have grown all over the world. And this film comes with latest soundtrack and special effects.
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Tron Legacy Soundtrack And Special Effects

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This article was published on 2010/12/18